Chamisa Kellogg:
Awakening Your Inner Child Through Illustrations.

Art wasn’t something that I decided to do. It was decided for me by the universe. It’s so natural for me that it’s hard for me to think of it as work. But my love for art motivated me to attend Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and it was there that I discovered my […]

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Anne Barrett of AtizayKnits:

Knitting her way to self-discovery

Knitting helped me discover parts of my personality that I didn’t even know existed. One day, after college in ‘08, i was hanging out with my friend Christina, and she had just learned how to knit. She taught me a simple pattern and said I could take it home and play around with it. I went […]

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Inspired by Family

Thanksgiving is a time that’s typically shared with family and friends. And as much as some of us might dread spending time with family, they are an under appreciated source of inspiration. Many businesses have started based on family recipes. Joy Mangano (depicted in one of my favorite movies, Joy) got the inspiration for her […]

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Nikki Erickson of BloodRootJewels

Creating a sense unity with the earth, animals and her surroundings through jewelry

Nikki was born in Portland and raised to be in tune with nature and the sacredness of life. Through her pieces she strives to create a sense of unity with the earth, animals and her surroundings. For her, working with bones is a way for the animal’s life to live on through an art form.

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Emily Gass of Emily Gass Ceramics

How a ceramics class helped her find passion, community and graduate college

Although immersing herself in ceramics was initially a way to survive freshman year in college, ceramics helped Emily find her passion and a sense of belonging. She juxtaposes pretty colors and glazes with the rugged fishing and hunting imagery, combining these elements into artistic pieces that are personal yet relatable to anyone living in the Pacific NW.

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Anthony St. Augustine of Gypsy Leather:

The story of how growing up in San Francisco in the ’70s inspires his leather creations

Born in San Francisco in the late 70s, Anthony St. Augustine channels the nostalgia of the past — the creativity of the artist community in the bay area, the changing music scene of the late 70s — as well as the country vibes of Klamath Falls into high quality leather creations that are both personal and utilitarian.

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